Postpartum Doula

Sophie Lazarski Nicoll is a postpartum doula and chef. Trained by the Newborn Mothers Collective Doula training, Sophie has worked with new parents in Paris and further afield to promote peaceful, nourished postpartums for new mothers and families, including meal delivery, breastfeeding support, sleep solutions, preparing small spaces for the arrival of new family additions and postpartum planning support (among other services)

What do I believe?

I founded Nourish & Bloom with the believe that matrescence, becoming a mother, is an overlooked rite of passage for many women. The care and attention our ancestors received from their communities when they gave birth is no longer our experience. In the early days of motherhood we are left to fend for ourselves with a newborn, often alone, confused and in a great deal of pain. We believe that supporting and nourishing new mothers enables them to embrace this new phase of their life without fear; well rested, capable and confident. 

My Mission

Food forms the centre of my mission here at Nourish & Bloom. All of my Postpartum Doula packages include food. Where I once focussed exclusively on food, I now offer packages supporting the whole woman and her family.

My Postpartum Doula packages, meals and products are homemade with the utmost care and attention in the centre of Paris. I source my ingredients from local businesses, aiming to put back into the community and land we live on. I take pride in the quality of the ingredients and the integrity of our suppliers. At Nourish & Bloom all of the food is made with the needs of new mothers in mind, from the ingredients we use to the fact that my food is designed to be eaten with one hand. I take a whole food approach in order to nourish the whole woman. 


What My Clients Say...

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