About Us

When a baby is born, the excitement surrounding it is wonderful. Relatives, friends and acquaintances descend and the new baby is generally the focus of everyone’s attention – including yours!

Unfortunately this means that the new mother’s needs can be a little sidelined. Especially in the modern world where women often return to work within a couple of months of giving birth, or even straight away – new mums can be left feeling isolated, overwhelmed and alone. Many of us have settled far away from family, from our home communities and live in bustling cities like Paris, where our closest friends are not necessarily our neighbours or able to help.

Later on, our hectic schedules for our families can mean that sitting down together to a healthy meal in the evening is next to impossible.

Nourish Paris is here to bridge the gap. We’re here to provide quick, easy, healthy meals – delivered directly to your door. We’ll provide you with names of other postpartum workers in our community, do everything we can to connect you to other  mums in your area and plug you in to a network of women in Paris who will be the village you’ve been lacking. At Nourish Paris, mum is front and centre. We’ve got your well being at our heart and no matter how old your babies are, you’ll find support and love with us.

A Word About Our Team

Welcome to Nourish Paris, I’m Sophie. A mother, cook, small living enthusiast and founder of Nourish Paris. I live in a tiny but bright apartment in central Paris with my husband and two young sons.

I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for nearly a decade and founded Nourish Paris whilst I was still pregnant with my second son. After my eldest son was born we were surrounded by new parents for the first time and saw how many were neglecting themselves in the wake of becoming parents, especially the mothers.

Nourish Paris was born out of a deep desire to support new families and meet them where they’re at and food is what we do best.

You can read more about me and my life over on the “Blog” section of this website. Every week there are exclusive recipes, articles about motherhood and beyond and interviews with inspirational Parisian women.

I work to bring you the freshest ingredients in the most delicious recipes, designed to support you in the most basic way in the early days of motherhood. Mother to mother, family to family.