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Our Tiny Home: Bathing

Sharing a bathroom with boys has always been normal for me. Growing up I shared with my two brothers, at one point while I was at uni I shared my Halls bathroom with seven 18-21 year old boys (surprisingly much cleaner than when I shared with girls!) and now I share with my husband, toddler and soon, newborn. 

Like all of our spaces, the bathroom has to be multifunctional. Four different people with four very different needs means that space is at a premium and we can’t afford to keep things we don’t use. Unfortunately this mostly affects me as the most likely person to keep un-used, impulse bought cosmetics and beauty products lying around! Luckily, our bathroom is pretty fantastically designed (not by us!) and boasts two cupboards! Our last apartment’s bathroom had precisely zero – not uncommon here. We also have this fantastic changing table drawer that has saved our lives since we’ve lived here and, from what I can see, is fairly easy to construct yourself. 

  Changing table drawer
Changing table drawer

Tiny Bathroom Storage

  • Wire baskets are great for cosmetics storage, everything is visible and they’re easy to keep neat. Each member of the family has their own wire basket for their own products (eliminates people constantly asking me where their things are too!) 
  • We have this metal bucket on the side for items that we use without fail every single day: makeup, hairbrushes, face wash, toothbrushes & paste etc. This eliminates clutter (although never totally!) on the work surface making everything easier to clean and the space feel bigger. 
  • A small dish for the jewellery I wear frequently keeps things organised easy to access in the mornings. 
  • As always – evaluate what you actually need. We keep one spare set of towels for each of us and one spare bathmat, plus one set of guest towels. We don’t need anymore than that. They’re washed and switched frequently and I’ve never had a sudden, burning need for towels. 

The Zero Waste R’s

I find these rules really helpful for de-cluttering and living in a tiny space.

  • REFUSE: Those samples of perfume/cream/nail polish at Sephora? You. Don’t. Need. Them. I know it’s so hard to say no – they’re free! Honestly they will sit in a drawer and clutter it up until you suddenly have no more room in that drawer and you look up and realise that you’re drowning under samples! 
  • RE-USE: Those Aesop bottles in my photos? Not Aesop products inside. I mean they once held Aesop products (They’re an absolute staple on every birthday and Christmas list!) but once those big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and hand soap are empty, I head to our local bulk store and re-fill them with generic natural soaps. I like how this keeps my tiny space looking uniform, they match my decor and it re-uses a bottle that would otherwise be put unceremoniously into a land-fill. I still use actual Aesop skin care products though!



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