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A Simple Christmas

Another Christmas over! For all the build up, Christmas day really does fly by and because France doesn’t do boxing day, it’s back to business as usual over here. 

This year we had our first Christmas as a family of four and for the first time, we celebrated as our own family unit. No grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or great-grandparents at all! While we certainly missed being with our families at this special time of year, we had such a simple, relaxed Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We didn’t end up over-eating (although Stan made us THE most delicious roast beef and Yorkshire puddings – I contributed M&S mince pies and Paxo stuffing from a box!). We also had time to enjoy our gifts and time spent with eachother as we had no schedule, no commitments and nothing to do other than kick back and enjoy our days

As we head into the New Year, our Christmas experience got me thinking. What do I want more of in 2018? It’s set to be a pretty exciting year work wise for us, we have two children now and life needs to shift a little again to reflect our new addition and commitments. What I want more of is:

  • Space – not physical, but time in our schedules to explore Paris, get out to the countryside more and spend my maternity leave focussed on the boys. 
  • Spontaneity – I really do thrive on structure and routine, but, as usual, the best parties and days are those where plans are made last minute, meals are thrown together and schedule goes out of the window!
  • Simplicity – as always, I’ll be looking for places to simplify. Whether that’s in my home-making, my parenting, my creativity, our living space or my work, I’ll still be seeking the simplest solution.

I hope you had a very merry Christmas, with your loved ones – or without! What are your hopes and wishes for 2018? How will you be using this coming year? 


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A New Baby

Well I hope you can excuse the radio silence here on Tout Simple for the last month. We are now the happy parents of two beautiful boys and have been navigating these new, exciting, chaotic waters! 

Frederic Henry came fast and furious into this world on November 29th at midday, three weeks early and at a healthy 3.4kg. Despite the worries of every second time mother as to whether she could ever love anyone as much as her firstborn, of course the moment our eyes locked our fates were sealed. The heart has endless capacity for expansion. I should have known.

Arthur has taken to his new role as eldest trouble maker with total enthusiasm, smothering his little brother with kisses, asking me if Freddie’s had enough boobie, checking that he has his blanket. We’re very proud of him.

And now, back to snuggles, nappies and endless cluster-feeds!

A very very merry Christmas to all of you. Tout Simple will be back in force from January and I’m so excited to share the New Year and all it holds with you all.

Sophie xxx