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Here And Now: Early Summer

Making : Progress…little by little
Cooking : Homemade baked falafel pitta pockets
Drinking : A larger amount than usual of black coffee
Reading: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman
Trawling: Pattern sites for a pattern for that elusive year round skirt
Wanting: To declutter…again
Looking: A little dishevelled today If I’m honest
Deciding: On not venturing out into the rain today…
Wishing: I could pop in on my mum & have a cup of tea
Enjoying: The rest of my maternity leave – returning to (freelance) work in September feels like going back to school!
Waiting: For real sunny summer days to truly make an appearance
Liking: Arthur’s new expression “Ce n’est pas rigolo maman!”
Wondering: If the laundry will ever ever end?
Loving: Re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It. Never. Gets. Old. 
Pondering: How many times Arthur can avoid bed by asking for a cuddle
Listening: To Jack Johnson and imagining that I’m lying on a beach in the sun
Considering: All the options…
Buying: Nothing at all – I’m trying to go this whole month without buying a single thing for myself.
Watching: Six month old Fred playing on the mat next to me
Hoping: That the stars align
Marvelling: That I’ve just managed to send out my first invoices!!
Cringing: At the imposter syndrome I’m feeling because of the above!
Needing: To learn some better I.T skills for what’s to come
Smelling: Mostly the rain. But also my husband’s aftershave on my baby’s head
Wearing: The rose gold GLDN necklace the boys bought me for mother’s day
Noticing: The many ways in which I procrastinate
Knowing: That I can do anything I set my mind to
Trouble-shooting: Childcare! The bane of every working mother’s life
Opening: The windows to let in a breeze
Closing: The blinds to shut out the sun
Feeling: A little conflicted…a big post coming up on this one!
Dreaming: Of our summer holidays
Hearing: All the church bells all the time. We live in between three churches, all of which chime every hour. It gets a little noisy, but in a good way!
Celebrating: Having food in our bellies and a roof over our head
Embracing: Life, Motherhood and all it’s hurdles

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