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Why we do what we do!

As you can probably imagine, running a food delivery service for women and families can get complicated when it comes to catering to specific diets. Whilst we are always happy to adapt to carnivorous, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian and vegan diets – we are only able to adapt to a few further restrictions in cases of allergies and intolerances. 


Along with specific diet requests I often receive requests for “Weight loss” packages, “detoxes” and daily food allowances of such few calories, my toddler wouldn’t be able to survive on it. Nourish Paris does not make “diet food”. We do not do “eating clean” “detoxes” or any type of calorie counting. We are not here to tell you what you should be eating or what you should be feeding your family. 


The food we make is nourishing, it’s wholesome and satisfying. We use the freshest fruit and vegetables we can lay our hands on, higher welfare slow cooked meat, whole grains and good fats. This is what has become known as “clean eating”, (a phrase you won’t ever hear us use because what’s dirty eating?! A whole other post on this coming soon!) high quality ingredients, cooked from scratch into delicious meals. We want eating to be guilt free – not because of what’s in your food but because eating should never make us feel guilty. Food is the fuel of life and what we are using to fuel our lives is important. Our recipes are balanced, packed full of the vitamins and minerals you need and our maman meals are designed to be easy to eat with one hand – whilst your other is occupied with baby. 

We believe that food and mealtimes are a springboard to greatness. When a family is well nourished and share their meals together, great things can happen. When a parent isn’t too frazzled by a long day at work and getting a healthy dinner on the table to connect with their family in the evenings, relationships will grow and flourish. We understand what modern family life is, we understand the pressures on parents and children and we want to enable connections. We know that kids can be particular about what they eat. Our family recipes have all been tested by our own children but all kids are different!  


For women, we want to break the mold. It feels like every time I go outside I am bombarded with messages about what my body should look like and what I should be doing to get it there. Society has forgotten, or purposefully squashed the notion that a woman’s body is the source of life itself. It is powerful, deeply magical, complex and cyclical. Honouring your body as a woman (or as any human) is not simply a matter of staying the same weight or always fitting into the same sized clothing. The needs of our bodies change over time, as we age, depending on where we are in our monthly cycles, if we are trying to conceive, if we’ve just given birth, if we are breastfeeding, if we have young children, if we do physical jobs, if we are in the menopause and so on. 


Basically Nourish Paris is here for ALL of you, whatever point in your cycle of life you’re at. However you find yourself showing up at this minute, for yourself, for your partner, for your kids, for your job – whatever you need, we’ve got you. 


Nourish Paris. Real Family Food.


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Nourish: Simple Soups

 Image by Emily Degroulard Photos
Image by Emily Degroulard Photos

Oh baby has autumn hit us hard or what?! Transitions between the seasons are my absolute favourite in Paris. The beginning of Autumn is so special here before the seemingly endless grey winter sets in. Over here, candles are lit, there’s an apple crumble a week being devoured and we are embracing the season change hard.

To celebrate this cosy autumn feeling I thought I’d share with you my two absolute favourite autumn soups. W’e’ve been making them lately for Nourish Paris clients to some rave reviews and the absolute simplicity of them means that they’re loved by adults and kids alike!

Butternut Squash & Coral Lentil Soup

  • 1 large butternut squash

  • 1 medium potato

  • 1/2 an onion

  • 1 tbsp curry powder

  • 1.5L chicken or veggie stock

  • 2 tbsp coral lentils

  • 100ml coconut milk

This is the absolute easiest soup to make as you just put all the ingredients except the coconut milk into a large casserole, cook for an hour to an hour and a half, add the coconut milk and blend! It has the most delicious creamy texture and gorgeous orange colour. Our boys like to slurp it with straws & we sometimes chuck some crunchy curry croutons on top.

Parsnip, White Bean and Sage Soup

  • 3 large parsnips

  • 1 medium potato

  • 1.5L chicken or veggie stock

  • 400g can of white beans

  • Five to ten sage leaves (depending on how strong you like it!)

Again, we like soups that are just combine, cook and blend and this one is no exception. Cook the parsnips and potatoes in the stock until soft, add the white beans and sage leaves and blend!

Autumn and winter tend to be the busy seasons in our home what with school, holidays, lots of work, gearing up for the Christmas season and just normal family life. I try to keep our meals as simple and easy as possible to make. The slow cooker comes out of the cupboard to its permanent winter place on the kitchen counter.

What are you cooking this autumn?

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Mother: Sleep

When people speak to families with young babies “How do they sleep?” is never far from being asked. Sleep is such a focus in the early years, mostly around not getting enough.

Right now we are on a sleep journey. I am not currently getting a lot of sleep; I’m actually writing this from my bed where I just enjoyed my Monday lie-in (until 8.30!). But yes, not a lot of sleep happening for me right now. I won’t lie, I’ve been struggling a little – I’m not someone who needs a massive amount of sleep but at the moment we’re waking probably around every forty five minutes to an hour through the night.

This is new territory for me. Arthur slept through the night from around six months old. He napped like a champion practically to the minute every single day. What an amazing parent I was! I did everything right, I had the perfect baby! Turns out, he’s just like his dad and could sleep through nuclear apocalypse. Fred is not that child. I’m trying to lean in to it, take every day as it comes and just do what’s necessary to get through. Right now this is what it looks like:

  • Co-sleeping when we need to. Fred goes into his bed in his and Arthur’s room at 19h. It’s taken WEEKS to get him to do that. Before he would just wake up the moment we put him down. Now he will sleep in there from around 19h to 22h-midnight. After that he generally won’t go back down in his own bed so we co-sleep until the morning (this is the part where he wakes up every hour.)

  • Going to bed early. I go to bed between 21-22h every night. It’s a sad, old lady thing to do but it basically ensures that I get SOME sleep.

  • Embracing this season. It won’t be like this forever – I’m choosing to believe that, to lean into it, to take care of myself and my family within this rather than bending it to my will. And there are a myriad of reasons why I won’t try to bend this sleep situation to my will, not yet anyway. I’m trusting that Fred’s doing what he needs to do for now and that he’ll sleep when he’s ready.

Honestly, as someone who loves rhythm, routine and predictability, it’s taking a lot for me to let go of control on this one. I’d love to wave a wand and have two boys sleeping happily in their beds in their bedroom. I’d love to have a clear step by step solution to apply to this but nothing is making itself apparent right now.

We’re doing ok. We’re powering through. We’re accepting help. We’re being kind to ourselves. And that’s all any of us can really do!

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A New Baby

Well I hope you can excuse the radio silence here on Tout Simple for the last month. We are now the happy parents of two beautiful boys and have been navigating these new, exciting, chaotic waters! 

Frederic Henry came fast and furious into this world on November 29th at midday, three weeks early and at a healthy 3.4kg. Despite the worries of every second time mother as to whether she could ever love anyone as much as her firstborn, of course the moment our eyes locked our fates were sealed. The heart has endless capacity for expansion. I should have known.

Arthur has taken to his new role as eldest trouble maker with total enthusiasm, smothering his little brother with kisses, asking me if Freddie’s had enough boobie, checking that he has his blanket. We’re very proud of him.

And now, back to snuggles, nappies and endless cluster-feeds!

A very very merry Christmas to all of you. Tout Simple will be back in force from January and I’m so excited to share the New Year and all it holds with you all.

Sophie xxx