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Why we do what we do!

As you can probably imagine, running a food delivery service for women and families can get complicated when it comes to catering to specific diets. Whilst we are always happy to adapt to carnivorous, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian and vegan diets – we are only able to adapt to a few further restrictions in cases of allergies and intolerances. 


Along with specific diet requests I often receive requests for “Weight loss” packages, “detoxes” and daily food allowances of such few calories, my toddler wouldn’t be able to survive on it. Nourish Paris does not make “diet food”. We do not do “eating clean” “detoxes” or any type of calorie counting. We are not here to tell you what you should be eating or what you should be feeding your family. 


The food we make is nourishing, it’s wholesome and satisfying. We use the freshest fruit and vegetables we can lay our hands on, higher welfare slow cooked meat, whole grains and good fats. This is what has become known as “clean eating”, (a phrase you won’t ever hear us use because what’s dirty eating?! A whole other post on this coming soon!) high quality ingredients, cooked from scratch into delicious meals. We want eating to be guilt free – not because of what’s in your food but because eating should never make us feel guilty. Food is the fuel of life and what we are using to fuel our lives is important. Our recipes are balanced, packed full of the vitamins and minerals you need and our maman meals are designed to be easy to eat with one hand – whilst your other is occupied with baby. 

We believe that food and mealtimes are a springboard to greatness. When a family is well nourished and share their meals together, great things can happen. When a parent isn’t too frazzled by a long day at work and getting a healthy dinner on the table to connect with their family in the evenings, relationships will grow and flourish. We understand what modern family life is, we understand the pressures on parents and children and we want to enable connections. We know that kids can be particular about what they eat. Our family recipes have all been tested by our own children but all kids are different!  


For women, we want to break the mold. It feels like every time I go outside I am bombarded with messages about what my body should look like and what I should be doing to get it there. Society has forgotten, or purposefully squashed the notion that a woman’s body is the source of life itself. It is powerful, deeply magical, complex and cyclical. Honouring your body as a woman (or as any human) is not simply a matter of staying the same weight or always fitting into the same sized clothing. The needs of our bodies change over time, as we age, depending on where we are in our monthly cycles, if we are trying to conceive, if we’ve just given birth, if we are breastfeeding, if we have young children, if we do physical jobs, if we are in the menopause and so on. 


Basically Nourish Paris is here for ALL of you, whatever point in your cycle of life you’re at. However you find yourself showing up at this minute, for yourself, for your partner, for your kids, for your job – whatever you need, we’ve got you. 


Nourish Paris. Real Family Food.


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